Monday, 25 February 2008

half term

Last week it was half term. I have been very helpful and I helped my mum and nan and my grampy go to the hospital. The hospital found out that he has a hernia and I watched The Simpsons. I watched dancing on ice and I listened to music. I went to town with my mum to pay the rent.


Sean O'Sullivan said...

Hope your Grampy is on the mend Amy. Nice to see lots of other people are starting to leave comments on your blog. Do you like reading the comments?

Rachel said...

Hi Amy,

Firstly I hope your Grampy is feeling a little better and secondly I hope that you managed to enjoy half-term anyway.

I bet you're getting excited about going to Spain now - I went there in the holiday and managed to learn a few spanish words including Hola (hello) and Gracias (Thank you).