Friday, 18 May 2007

9fg went to Bristol for their residential trip.

On wednesday we went to cardiff. to vist cardiff castle and the millenium Stadium to see the rugby ground.

Tha stadium was very big and the castle was old.

On Friday we went to Bristol zoo to look at the animals. My favourite animal was the snakes because they are shiney.


Sean O'Sullivan said...

Great to see you're back posting on the blog Amy! Did you actually hold a snake while you were at the Zoo?
I've enjoyed seeing the photos from your class on the screen in reception.


amy said...

I did'nt touch the snake. But I was very close

Sean O'Sullivan said...

Amy, it's the 24th June now! What have you been up to? I've been telling lots of people to take a look at your site, and I'm sure they'd love to read about what's going on!

Also, a friend of mine"
has got himself a blog like yours, and I'm sure he'dpost some comments if you add some new bits. He's added a YouTube video to his one, so he could maybe tell you how to do that if you want to.